Friday, November 29, 2013

closing of holes

Holes on broadleaved trees are taboo in Japaenese traditional thinking. Well, I have nothing against them - if they fit. In this case on a clump form Japanese maple the big hole did bother me. It was one of the reasons why this tree was affordable for me. Can I make it close? See what happended after April 2013. Six months later the hole is half closed. This is due to my agressive feeding and watering regime together with the hedge pruning method. This way the hole will be closed by September 2014 I hope. It will still look kind of ugly for a few years. Eventually it will blend into the clump and give it more character. Or so I hope.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

improvement of trident maple #9

When people see this tree some say 'well, nice, but the pot is too big'. I think the crown is too small. A sumo trunk like it is appears to be grotesque. We are used to it by now, but fact is it is grotesque. So the solution is to make the crown larger. Here a virtual to show the direction.

improvement of Japanese maple #14

As some are not aware bonsai only takes place seriously for six months in my climate. This is from March to October. During the rest of the time trees are in winter storage and most are frozen stiff. This is the time for musing, for thinking abut the future, for writing articles and storing photographs.

I was looking at this Japanese maple, Acer palmatum. In spring of the year it already looked quite good, as seen on the first image. Then lots of things happened to this tree during the vegetation period. Now it looks like on the second image. During the coming season in 2014 I plan to achieve what's on the virtual. I would be quite happy if that happened.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

my garden today

Peter Adams RIP

Deepest condolences to Kate and relatives.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Japanese maple #10

Japanese maple, Acer palmatum

The cembra pine forest

Cembra pine, Pinus cembra


some early winter images

All three are European spruce, Picea abies.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

International Bonsai Academy in Harrisburg from Dec. 6 to 8 2013

The International Bonsai Academy will go to Harrisburg, Pa soon. You saw what we could do in three days in Croatia. Are you jealous? Well, you can be part of the group that does similar things on conifers in three days. The Winter Study 2013 with Jim Doyle and Walter Pall will take place from December 6 to 8. It's part of the International Bonsai Academy. This is the last call, there are a few openings still.

 For the workshops you can bring your own trees and/or can also work with collected trees from the nursery. Yes, that's right. We will let you loose on excellent material that you don't have to purchase even. You can though.

I will certainty be personally there and fully active. I have totally recovered form my illness and I am fitter than before. So this is your chance to meet me again this year.

Call Nature's Way Nursery (Jim Doyle) for more information and signing up:
(717) 545-4555
Please refer to the website for class information.
  or call Jim  717-545-4555 mostly between 9-5 Monday through Saturday.  If
you want us to mail a schedule let them know your mailing address.

 It will be possible to participate as
 -full member two days
 -full member one day
 -silent observer for a fee one or two days
 - lurker for free for 20 to 30 minutes to see what's going on and to decide whether you want to participate immediately or later

Fun evening on Saturday as traditional by now.

You have the chance to see and purchase exquisite collected American material This is true for everyone. You don't need to take part in the Bonsai Academy for that. There will be a special discount just on these days.

There are about 400 collected trees there. A few dozen are outright world class, many very good, all hand selected by myself. There are over 150 trees in the range from US$ 45 to 600, about 50 from 600 to 1,500. Everybody can find himself a genuine American collected tree. Ponderosa pines, Rocky Mountain junipers, Engelman spruce, Alpine firs and many other native species are available We guarantee for recently collected stuff as long as you leave it in the nursery - money back or credit in case the tree did not make it. There are over 150 collected trees which are very well established  and can be worked on right away.

I am not aware whether there is a nursery in all of  America which has such a lot of quality collected stuff to offer. East of the Rockies. Nature's Way Nursery is THE source for quality collected trees.

I look forward to see you all there.

Jim Doyle sent these images of part of the nursery in recent bright sun. All collected and establsihed trees waiting for you.

back from Croatia

Past weekend the International Bonsai Academy took place in Croatia. See 34 episodes in detail here:

Walter's Travelogues

We have worked on even more than the 34 trees shown her on that weekend. It is amazing in hindsight what can be put into three days. This was only a fraction of the whole collection. There are many more of this quality and caliper there.

Anyway, enjoy. If your are interested in getting this Academy to your place find an organizer and write  me a message.
If you are in the USA don't miss the opportunity in two weeks in Harrisburg, Pa.