Thursday, March 31, 2011

in expectation of the weekend in Pennsylvania

I arrived two days ago. Yesterday I spent all day to take a close look at the new trees and price them with Jim Doyle. I must say that I am quite exited about the quality and variety. There are more than 200 new trees. 95 % of them are in an affordable price range from US$ 45 to 1,000 range. I have the feeling that the quality is even better than last year. Everybody can find his collected American tree for a reasonable price. There is a special sale going on over the weekend . I hope to meet many of you soon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The BMW Saga nr. 29

The show goes on. From today until the end of September 2011 there will be several trees on permanent exhibit at the BMW World in Munich, Germany.
The Polish crew carries the trees and Martin, the new assistant poses in front of some trees. I will report the progress.

Prunusn in spring

Sloe, Prunus spinosa and wild plum, Prunus spec.

Maidenhair oak

Maidenhair oak, Quercus pubescens.

Oriental hornbeam #21

Oriental hornbeam, Carpinus orientalis, collected in 2009.

Oriental hornbeam #20

Oriental hornbeam, Carpinus orientalis, collected in 2009, promising.

I love maples

Several Japanese maples, Acer palmatum, one trident maple, Acer burgeriaunum, one field maple, acer campestre.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Potenzialerkennung in Berlin - German

Potenzialerkennung mit Walter Pall in Berlin 23.+24.04.2011

von Peter-S am 27.03.2011, 15:03

während des Bonsai Potenzialerkennung Seminars in Enger im letzten Jahr schlugen die auch hier im Forum anwesenden Berliner Bonsai Freunde in abendlicher Runde vor, dass Walter Pall doch auch mal in der Hauptstadt eine Veranstaltung halten könnte. Walter war natürlich sofort begeistert. Ich weiss, dass Walter auf fasst allen Kontinenten schonmal in Sachen Bonsai unterwegs war - aber ob er jemals so tief in Preussen war, kann ich gar nicht sagen . Also...

Bonsai Potenzialerkennung -
im Rahmen der 'Int. Bonsai Academy with Walter Pall'

Ostersamstag, 23. April - Seminar "Bonsai Potenzialerkennung"
...und als mögliche Ergänzung zu Tag 1:
Ostersonntag, 24. April - "Gestaltungsworkshop im kleinen Teilnehmerkreis mit Walter Pall"

Veranstaltungsort und Durchführung: Suteki Bonsai Zentrum, Berlin

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Woodstock IV approaching, 200 new trees have arrived

More than 200 new trees at Nature's Way Nursery

More than 200 new trees have arrived at Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, Pa. As every year some outstanding world class collected trees will be new. Great care was taken to be able to offer more trees for folks who don't want to spend big money but still want a very good collected American tree. The majority of the new trees is in this range. Prices go from US$ 50 to 300, 400, 500 for most trees. Main species are Ponderosa pines, Egelman spruce, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Japanese larch, KIOHIME Japanese maple.
If you are searching for affordable very good material you should be able to find something in all instances. You can sign up for Woodstock IV as member or lurker, but you can also just come as a visitor. I will be around from Wednedsay, March 30 to Wednesday, April 6 to help you finding something.
Private sessions can be arranged.

There are still seats available for Woodstock IV.  It will take place on Friday/Saturday/Sunday April 1/2/3, 2011 at  Nature's Way Nursery. Starting Friday April 1 9:30 to 5 pm. Saturday 9:30 to 5 and Sunday 10 to 4. Monday will be the special Specimen Juniper workshop at $280 and observers $40 We will have more than 200 new collected trees  available.
JD will  hold a workshop with Japanese maples KIYOHIME.
If you are excited already you can call Jim Doyle directly now under   1-717-545-4555 to register before the places are filled.

It will be possible to participate as
- full member two days
- full member  one day
- silent observer for a fee one or two days
- lurker for free for 20 to 30 minutes to see what's going on and to decide whether you want to participate immediately or later

I look forward to see you next weekend.

new mugo pines

Tow collected mugo pines, Pinus mugo. Both for sale or trade.

new ligustrum

all privet, Ligustrum vulgaris, all for sale or trade.