Saturday, May 31, 2008

There will be a professional bonsai exhibit in Munich Botanical Garden from June 6 to June 16. This poster will be shown in all subway and downtown railway stations in Munich City. The poster will be HUGE. Like 4 meters long. This is an image of my lilac that I shot two weeks ago.

60 super trees of professionals will be shown: Udo Fischer, Hans Kastner, Harald Lehner, Walter Pall

I will show 15 trees which I have to select soon and prepare. This is a difficult task every time. There are much more than 100 trees to choose from.

azaleas close to climax

Friday, May 30, 2008

Korean boxwood

Buxus microphyllum 'Kingsville' Korean boxwood, shohin

two maples

French maple (Acer monspessulanum) today and a few years ago.

Trident maple (Acer burgerianum) today and a few years ago.

spruce on it's way

This is a very interesting European spruce (Norway spruce), Picea abies. It was collected in Switzerland in 1985. The onwern did not do much to it other than keep it healthy. I acquired it in 2005. The first images are all from summer 2005. I then gave it three yers to show me that it wants to live and is happy. Now I cut it back more and in summer I will wire it finally. This is way over 100 years old, closer to 200.

bougie getting ready for flowers

In a couple of weeks this will be full of flowers. Or so I hope.

two azaleas from two sides and a spirea

Thursday, May 29, 2008

field elm

a couple more spruce

spring flowers

azalea and spirea

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what happened to the hornbeam of the Croatian demo in 207?

In spring 2007 I did a demo in Croatia. This later on became quite famous, on youtube etc. During the demo I said a few times loud and clear: "Don't worry if this tree looks ugly at the moment. It has to look like this in order to shine in a couple of years. I have to take off quite a few branches and I have to cut them much shorter than you thought. I want to leave room for growth so that with new growth the hornbeam has good proportions.." I heard afterwards that a few very smart people thought that I had not done justice to thr material, that the tree looked lousy after the demo, and that there were much better options within the material. So where are all these smart persons? What are their trees looking like only one year later? Did they learn something? Or did they just protect theirr misconceptions about bonsai development?
Anyway, see what this hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis) looks like today. and then in the virtual with a possible new pot. Don't forget that this is only fourteen months after the demonstrations. In a couple of years this will be good enough to go to any exhibit.

hammer linden

We call such trees 'hammer trees'. They throw you off your socks when you stand in front of them.

Tilia cordata, European winter linden.

lilac after blooming

Right after the flowers get a bit brown I cut them all off. In addition I cut back all shoots to the first pair of leaves.

Three spruce

European spruce (Norway spruce), Picea abies

mulberry and horse chestnut

Morus alba
Aescuous hippocastanum

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

beech carving

This beech was for sale for 10 years and nobody bought it. Now I decided that it was because of the big bulge at the nebari and the unorthodox hole. Both made the tree ugly in many eyes. So I decided to make it even more ugly. When this is healed it should be so ugly that it becomes beautiful again. We'll see.