Monday, August 31, 2009

tv-professionals at work

Four very competent men from Bavarian Television occupied my garden all day today. They are working on a feature about WP and his work. It will only be a ten-minute movie. But as far as I could tell this will be by far the most sophisticated one that I have ever participated in or seen on the subject of bonsai.
We'll see in the first week of October. It will be announced properly so that we can all see it. Among many things the most spectacular shooting today was the one about the mystic spruce that appears from the mist.

This will be the opening. Proper music. Starting with a mountain scene, a tree appears from the mist, it is a very old spruce, the mist disappears, the spruce is in bright sunshine and looks very ancient. And then WP appears and it becomes clear that this is not a real mountain scene but an illusion. Bonsai is an illusion and now we discover it. I think this will be something.

late summer meeting 2009 #8

Philipp sent me the two images of the result of his demonstration.
Here the progress of the tree:

first image before, May 2009
then Philipp's work in May 2009
last images after the demo.

Philipp did all this without any help from my side. I never touched his work.

late summer meeting 2009 #7

Peter has provided these additional images of the Mauro Stemberger demonstration. Thank you.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

late summer meeting 2009 #6

Wolfgang Putz will show some glimpses of the event on his famous site:

Wolfgang's site

Sebastijan Sandev from Zagreb, Croatia has featured the event on his blog:

Sebastijan's blog

late summer meeting 2009 #5

Bavarian Television was present and took lots of shots. Some visitors were interviewed. They will come again on Monday and do some shots with me. There will be a short feature on Bavarian Television in the first week of October, evening program. I will tell the exact time, of course, as soon as we know it.
Then it was all over, at least for Hanna, my dearest wife. She said right away that this was the last time for her, but the next morning she had changed her mind already.
I then went on to the evening event which was the nest chapter.
Peter provided these excellent shots. Thank you Peter.

This was the 9th Late Summer Meeting.
On Saturday, August 28, 2010 we will have the 10th Traditional Late Summer Meeting in WP's garden. We will think about making this a special one.

My wife's and my special thanks go to Alex. he was instrumental to make this a success.

late summer meeting 2009 #4

Some glimpses of the event. In the morning it rained which was most unfortunate, of course. But then eventually the sun came out and everybody was happy.
Peter and Wolfgang provided most images. Thank you Peter and Wolfgang.