Thursday, February 25, 2010

comparison of pots

Old pot by Derek Aspinall and new pot by Horst Heinzlreiter. The crown is unchanged, only the tree is slightly rotated clockwise.

new pot for big trident maple

Horst Heinzlreiter gave me this pot last August. I think it is perfect for the big trident.

Elm, deutzia and cotoneaster in winter

Chinese elm 'seijou', Ulmus parvifolia
Deutzia grazilis

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oaks in winter

1) European oak, Quercus robur
2) Maidenhair oak, Querus pubescens

Chinese quince recovered

Chinese quince, Pseudocydonia sinensis.

twenty months ago this tree got fire blight and almost died in the following summer. By now it has recovered nicely and the deadwood is unusual but makes the tree even more interesting. In three years it will have all the fine ramification again and hopefully have blossoms.
What have I learned? Never give up. A tree does not necessarily die from fire blight.

Euonymus and mulberry in winter

First two Euonymus europea.
Third: Morus alba, white mulberry

Sunday, February 21, 2010

demo tree from Noelanders Trophy

Four weeks after the demo at the Noelanders Trophy 2010 I finally co0ld free the tree from snow and ice and take some decent photographs. The first two are as of before the demo. The last one is a virtual to show how it would look in a good pot. Now I will leave the tree alone for at least a year and then continue working. It will go into the final pot in two or three years.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

European beech in winter

All European beech, Fagus sylvatica, all collected and all are coming very nicely.

Chinese elm in winter

Chinese elm, Ulmus parvifolia, this one was almost discarded a few years ago when the branches on the top died back. It is coming very nicely . soon it will be better than ever.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

small elms

1) Ulmus parvifolia, Chinese elm 'Hokkaido'
2) Ulmus parvifolia, Chinese elm 'Seijou'

beech and elm

1) European beech. Fagus sylvatica
29 Field elm, Ulmus campestre

small hornbeams

1) Korean hornbeam, Carpinus coreana. Fro sale or trade. Euro 390 in my garden.
2) European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus