Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Demo of Andrija Zokic at Generation Bonsai - revisited

This happened on May 13th of this year, which is definitely way too late according to general wisdom here. Why? Because the tree is really at risk and will most probably die or be very weak for a long time. Now at the end of July,  11 weeks later I could take another look at the hornbeam. Apparently he has not read all the info and all the comments and does not know that he was supposed to die. It is clearly more vigorous than most hornbeams that I see around the year in other gardens. The new growth will stay on over winter. On May 11/12 the tree will be part of my demo again. It will be edited and have another quality boost.

Original post:

Andrija pots a huge collected hornbeam into a good bonsai pot. This is the tree that WP has styled at Generation Bonsai 2017. It is perfectly OK to repot in the middle of May with full foliage if you know what you are doing. If not you definitely should not do it. Aftercare  and weather forecast are crucial. Assistant is Thomas Haering.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Summer Festival at Minoru Bonsai with Academy

This past weekend we had fun at Minoru Bonsai near Heidelberg, in Germany, the host of Generation Bonsai. I held International Bonsai Academy. Here a few impressions:

European White Fir #1

The fir was cut back considerably and appears slightly bitten now. In one ear it will shine in full glory again.