Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ash in winter

January 207: European ash, Fraxinus excelsior in early training, 55 cm high, two fronts. 

linden in winter

All are Tila platiphyllos, European linden, all from nursery stock.

1)  55 cm high
2)  50 cm
3)  50 cm

larches in winter #3

Hybrid larch, live crown 50 cm high, pot by Derek Aspinall 

larches in winter #2

1)  55 cm
2)  45 cm
3)  50 cm
4)  50 cm
5)  40 cm
6)  virtually repotted and edited
7)  30 cm
8)  55 cm

larches in winter #1

all these are Europan larches, Larix decidua. All are collected trees.
Most are still in early development.

1) 60 cm 
2) 60 cm, pot by Josef Mairhofer
3) 25 cm, shohin
4) same, virtually repotted
5) 40 cm, pot by Josef Mairhofer
6) 55 cm, pot by Peter Krebs

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Homepage updated and many new pictures in gallery

My homepage is pretty much up to date now. In the past few days I
have changed a lot of the gallery items and added abut 50 new pictures.

See  my website

This is one of the dramatic results of climate change! Since we do not
have enough snow to have decent skiing in the Alps this year I have to
resort to fixing my webpage.

Helmut Rueger was here

Helmut spent a few hours with me to select collected material 
in my garden. He has his shop near Hanau, which is close to
Frankfurt and 4 hours away from my place..

Helmut came with a car full of good pots and went with a car
 full of good trees.
Who had the better deal? 

Thursday, January 11, 2007

three promising hornbeams in winter

These are quite small trees. All are collected European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus.

1)  35 cm, pot by Josef Mairhofer
2)  17 cm, pot Korea
3)  22 cm, pot by Derek Aspinall

new elms in winter

1)  European field elm, Ulmus campestre, 35 cm
2) European elm, Ulmus glabra, in training, 30 cm
3) and 4) Chinese elm, Ulmus parvifolia, Seiju, 18 cm, in training, two fronts
5) and 6) same, quite promising
7) same
8) Hilliari elm, Ulmus campestre 'Hilliari', 50 cm, this tree lost lots of branches two years ago and is now in the process of being completely refurbished. We are getting closer.

winter pictures again

1)  Japanese maple, 23 cm
2)  gaarden lilac, Syringa vulgaris, 18 cm !!!
3)  wild cherry, Prunus mahaleb
4)  same, with planned front
5) Turkish oak, Quercus cerris, this tree lost lots of branches in the last years, I have to rebuild the crown now
6) European larch, Larix decidua, 20 cm

announcement of "late summer meeting 2007"

Every year on the fourth Saturday in August (August 25 this year) bonsai enthusiats meet in Egling-Attenham, where the garden of Walter is located. Everybody is invited. It is not necessary to apply. This is not a commercial event, it isa party for bonsai enthusiasts.  You can enjoy the collection fo trees and collected raw material s well as hundreds of pots. Ongoing tree discussions, demos and other stuff are offerd throughout the day. In the evening we meet for a get-togetehr in a nerby gasthaus. Thsi is a unique opeotunity to meet bonsai people from all over Europe.

Wie jedes Jahr treffen sich die Bonsaiinsider in Attenham an letzten Samstag im August. 25. August von 9:00 bis 18:00 Uhr geht es bei mir im Garten hoch her. Eingeladen ist jede/r, der sich ernsthaft mit Bonsai beschhäftigt. Einzelanmeldungen sind NICHT nötig.

Es ist ein Treffen unter Freunden, eine Bonsaiparty, keine kommerzielle Veranstaltung. Kostet daher natürlich nichts. Was wird geboten? Vor allem kann man meine Sammlung sehen, einige hundert Bäume, gestaltet und viel Rohmaterial. Einige sind unter zu sehen. Dann kann man viele Leute treffen. Es werden Vorführungen stattfinden, sowie Baumbesprechungen. Jeder kann Bäume mitbringen, die besprochen und ev. gestaltet werden. Das können Bonsai vom Rohmaterial, Baumarktbonsai bis zu Wunderbäumen sein.

Diesmal ist mein Garten nur am Samstag offen. Am Abend ab 18:30 Uhr findet ein geselliges Zusammensein wahrscheinlich im Jägerhof in Aufhofen statt. Bitte vor Ort erfragen. Wer übernachten will: oder Waldhaus Deininger Weiher Tel.: 08170/92450

Ort: Sonnenhamer Str. 6, 82544 Egling-Attenham, 20 km südlich von München Tel.: 08176-455 Anfahrt: und

Einzelheiten werden jeweils in meinem laufend fortgeschriebenen Blog bekannt gegeben:

Friday, January 5, 2007

more winter silhouettes

1) Japanese maple, 35 cm, better picture
2) Azalea, 30 cm
3) wild honeysuckle, Lonicera xylostemum- what, you say that this looks like a bush??
Well, it is designed to look like a bush, yes.

trident with problems finished for the time being

Now I will leave him alone for a few months. We'll see what the fungus does. The image with the green pot is a virtual to show what it could look like with a better pot.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

the hawthorn cascade in winter

Or is it a cascade? Anyway, this is one of the most controversial trees on the internet.  Some just love it , some just hate it, many hate the pot, some love it.
I find all this funny. Well, the pot was the only one at the time which just about fit. By now I got used to it and don't want to change it.
I wonder why this tree needs discussing. Certainly it is in development. Probably most just don't have the vison to see how great it could be in five years. We'll see.

elms in winter silhouette

 1 and 2) huge hackberry, Celtis australis, 65 cm
3) and 4) European field elm, Ulmus campestre, 55 cm
5) small Asian elm, Ulmus foraminifery? 10 cm
6) ditto, 13 cm
7 and 8) Chinese elm, Ulmus parviflora, 18 cm
9) Chinese elm, Ulmus parviflora, 55cm