Monday, March 31, 2008


Alex brought his magnolia today and asked me to take a photograph of it. Her we are.

new pot for hornbeam

1) old pot
2) new pot, still not the final one, but closer

Huge hornbeam forest

See the whole story here: hornbeam forest

Sunday, March 30, 2008

new pot for quince

At the Shun Ten I found this pot by Peter Krebs and immediately knew tha this was the final pot for my quince. It is very difficult to find the right pot if it is over a certain size. This is a huge pot.

1)as of a few weeks ago
2) and 3)and 4)today

new pot and styyling of a trident maple

Thios one got a new pot by Gabriele Wirth yesterday and a bit of restyling of the crown.
1) as of two weeks ago
2) and 3) today

new mugo pine nr. 2

This is not as good as the other one. It was styled already a couple of years ago and badly needs work on it now. This may not be a keeper.

new mugo nr. 1

This one I got in a trade yesterday. I think it has enormous potential. It can be restyled very soon. This will be a lot of fun.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

third new Austrian black pine

This one looked the worst from the batch. But it was only because of the sick looking foliage wihch was was too long. And then it was in the wrong pot in the wrong position. After an hour's work it looks much better. It would improve still a lot if I wired it now. But after repotting and shortening the needles this tree now needs a couple of years to regain strength. This is a keeeper. Thre are not so many Austrian black pines of this quality and size (only 40 dcm long!) around.

second new Austrian black pine

This one has already been styled nicely a few aears ago but then was neglected for a few years. I got this in a trade and refurbished it in an hour. It is only 35 cm high, which is considered to be extremely small for this species. I like it very much, it is a keeper for sure.

new Austrian black pine

The Austrian black pine (Pinus nigra Austriaca) is not a rare tree in southern Eruope. But it is very difficult to find a tree in nature that has talent to become a bonsai. And then the foliage is very long and they say that the species requires a big bonsai to look credible. A shohin size of any quality is an extrem rarity and thought to be impossible. A couple of days ago I managed to get this in a trade. Now this is only 18 cm high, well within shohin size. But as one can see the foliage is decently short. After an hour's work the foliage was much shorter and the tree looks like it will become a prominent shohin Austrian black pine. I think that this is a precious gem.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hokkaido elms

When the leaves are coming out they are at their height. The leaves are as tiny as an aphid. These are Ulmus parvifolia 'Hokkaido'.

new cute acquisition

This shohin trident maple I traded in yesterday. It is only 15 cm high.

Pictures as I got it from two sides and then after 30 minutes work.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

new olive in offers

This is a collected olive which I have added to my offers today. It is 40 cm high and has this great deadwood part.

blackthorn (sloe)

Prunus spinosa, blackthorn or sloe, 55 cm high, about 40 years old, pot by Peter Krebs, collectd in Germany

The fungus is there since 15 years. So often we have a discussion about folks being paranoid about fungus on their trees. Here you see: the overwhelming majority of fungi are harmless. This one lives in old wood and does no harm to the live parts. Or at least did not so in fifteen years.