Tuesday, November 29, 2011

International Bonsai Academy in Croatia 2011

If you go to travelogues you get some insight into what kind of trees, numbers and quality the Croatians are working with. This is mind blowing for someone who is not prepared. I am sure we will see more of Croatian bonsai.

This was the last weekend of International Bonsai Academy in 2011 in Europe.

Coming weekend we will have similar quality and quantity, only conifers in Harrisburg, Pa. Just in case you want to be there, there may be a couple of openings left. Contact Jim Doyle.

Here some glimpses. For much more go to:


Monday, November 28, 2011

Two Japanese maples in winter

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Last call for workshop in Portland,Or Dec. 6

On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, I will be in Portland area again. Randy Knight will offer workshops on that day, either full day of half day. Silent observes for a fee are welcome. Lurkers can look for 30 minutes for free whether they want to participate now or in the future.

Call Randy 1-503-396-6323 or write him oregonbonsai(at)qwestoffice.net to put you on the mailing list and/

Last call for Winter with Walter and Jim, Dec. 2/3 in Harrisburg

Do you want to have a similar experience to the seminar in France? Winter with Walter and Jim will be held again from December 2 to December 3 at Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, PA. Bonsai Academy with bring your own workshop.

Call Nature's Way Nursery (Jim Doyle) for more information and signing up:

(717) 545-4555

or write:

Nature's Way Nursery

It will be possible to participate as
- full member two days
- full member one day
- silent observer for a fee one or two days
- lurker for free for 20 to 30 minutes to see what's going on and to decide whether you want to participate immediately or later

It will be possible to purchase exquisite collected American material right then for everyone. You don't need to take part in the Bonsai Academy for that. There will be a special discount just on these days.
There are about 300 collected trees there. A few dozen are outright world class, many very good, all hand selected by myself. There are over 170 trees in the range from US$ 45 to 600, about 50 from 600 to 1,500. Everybody can find himself a genuine American collected tree.
They give guarantee for recently collected stuff as long as you leave it in the nursery - money back or credit in case the tree did not make it. There are over 100 collected trees which are very well established and can be worked on right away.

I am not aware whether there is a nursery in all of  America which has such a lot quality collected stuff to offer. East of the Rockies Nature's Way Nursery is THE source for quality collected trees.

In spring of 2012 there will be about 150 or more new trees again. Woodstock April 2 there will be two workshops again, one with ponderosa pines.I look forward to see you all there.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WP - Entwicklung eines Fächerahorns - German video by Merlin

Future of these hornbeams

This sort of image is what I am aiming at with the oriental hornbeam clumps.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Four small oriental hornbeams

Oriental hornbeams, Carpinus orintalis, all collected.

three larches in fall

All collected European larch, Larix decidua.

Dogwood #5

Coruns mas, European common dogwood, collected in Croatia in 2009, shohin size.

Oak for sale or trade

This is a Turkish oak, Quercus cerris, collected in Italy. This is top material ! For sale or trade.
Today I got my new carving tool and had to tr it immediately. The stumps went away as if they were of butter.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

linden #6

European linden, Tilia platiphyllos, last image as of 1993

European hornbeam #2

European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus,last image as of 2001

Friday, November 18, 2011

linden #3

European linden, Tilia platiphyllos; last image as of 2004.