Tuesday, July 31, 2012

European spruce #9

This tree already has had  quite an career. It was shown on several very important exhibits and got a lot of attention. It won several awards. See first image as of 2009.

Then last year in 2011 it was exhibited at the BMW-World for a few weeks. When it cam back I made the mistake to place it in full sun as always. It got sun-burned severely, which I had not expected on a conifer. Anyway, it lost more then 80 % of the foliage and about 40 % of important branches. For a while I was afraid that the tree was done.

Well, see third image as of May 2012. It had a lot very healthy new growth, but looked desolate.

Now I decided that the tree was healthy enough and ready for a total refurbishing. After this one can say that the sunburn was a lucky episode and it will shine again. Or so I hope.

Scots pine #18

Scots pine, Pin us sylvestris, collected in Norway in 2009. First image as of January 2010. This interesting tree was worked on by a few people as one can see. Recently Walter Sedlaczek did the first serious styling with wire. Next April the tree will go into a reasonable round bonsai pot.  the huge stump was challenging in the beginning. Now it looks very  nice and credibly old