Saturday, October 31, 2009

maples in fall

trident, Acer burgerianum
Japanese maple arakawa, Acer palmatum, shohin
trident, A. burgerianum, shohin
field maple, A. campestre

new cherry

This is a wild cherry, Prunus mahaleb. It has very good potential and will be worked on this coming spring. I am lucky that it found it's way into my garden.

new wild cherries for offer

All these are Prunus mahaleb, wild cherries. They are all collected and well established. All these are for sale or trade.

new mugos for offer

All these are collected mugo pines, Pinus mugo. They can be turned into reasonably sized bonsai. They are very well established and can be wo4rked on immediately. They are all for trade or sale.

Friday, October 30, 2009

bonsai in Croatia

See lots of news about bonsai in Croatia here:


Thursday, October 29, 2009

new hornbeam #2

This oriental hornbeam, Carpinus orientalis, is a monster. Drago and I could almost not carry it. Well, I understand that still a lot of original soil is in the rootball. When this is wet it is very heavy. Eventually this will be a large, but still reasonably sized bonsai. I look forward to tame the monster in the next ten years.

new hornbeam #1

This is a mighty oriental hornbeam, Carpinus orientalis. As you can see in comparison to Drago, who helped me carrying this monster, this is a big tree. In the end it will be a reasonably sized bonsai though. The potential of this one is enormous. I put high hopes on it. Well, it will take ten years or so.

new oriental hornbeams to offer

All these are new oriental hornbeams, Carpinus orientalis. They are all in the container for at least one vegetation period. All these trees are for sale or trade. Oriental hornbeam is one of the very best trees for bonsai in the world. They have these wonderful trunks, small, good looking leaves, good fall color, quite hardy, can freeze stiff in winter, very draught resistant, hard to kill. I love them. I have only discovered this species three years ago and now I have about 100 of them. But not any very good finished ones yet. Lots of hope though.

hornbeam more colorful

Friday, October 23, 2009

white mulberry and linden

Linden, lime tree, Tilia platiphyllos, only 30 cm high!

White mulberry, Morus alba, only 28 cm high.

hornbeam in fall color

This is my best hornbeam at this moment. In fall color it looks great. Unfortunately this only holds for a couple of days. It will not last until the Bavarian Bonsai Days in two weeks. The tree looks very good without foliage too. I might consider this one for the Noelander Trophy. We'll see.