Sunday, August 5, 2007

Elegant spruce literati

This European spruce (Picea abies) was collected in Switzerland in 1985. It was sitting in soemone's garden since then. I acquired the tree in 2005.

1) and 2) spring of 2005
3) planted into a nice pot by Derek Aspinall right away.
4) and 5) in late summer of 2007 the spruce looks very healthy. It has gained enormously in ramification. I think it is ready for final styling.
6) to 9) It has several good sides
10) to me this is the best one at the moment. The wedge is not part of the desing, of course, and I have erased it on the virtual. There are several spirals in the bulge in the middle. The bulge is ugly and eventually the spirals will appear. At the monent it is nto definitely clear where they are and I will let the tree decide. I have painted a couple on the virtual so we can see the future.

Europea spruce, Picea abies, 40 cm high, pot by Derek Aspinall, around 100 years old.