Tuesday, July 31, 2012

European spruce #9

This tree already has had  quite an career. It was shown on several very important exhibits and got a lot of attention. It won several awards. See first image as of 2009.

Then last year in 2011 it was exhibited at the BMW-World for a few weeks. When it cam back I made the mistake to place it in full sun as always. It got sun-burned severely, which I had not expected on a conifer. Anyway, it lost more then 80 % of the foliage and about 40 % of important branches. For a while I was afraid that the tree was done.

Well, see third image as of May 2012. It had a lot very healthy new growth, but looked desolate.

Now I decided that the tree was healthy enough and ready for a total refurbishing. After this one can say that the sunburn was a lucky episode and it will shine again. Or so I hope.


marcus watts said...

was the tree indoors at the BMW world for a few weeks ?

thanks, Marcus

Walter Pall said...

sure it was inside, but with very good light. Fifty trees survived this well.

tim said...

Walter , the sunburn,is it the needles turn brown , as mine has odd ones but they haven't caused any branch loss or significant foliage loss !

Xavier de Lapeyre said...

Impressive tree Walter,

I get the feeling the ramifications are too dense in the last images.

The 4th image from the bottom looks more balanced to my eye.


Walter Pall said...


that's the optical illusion of black vs. white background. The very same tree appears much denser against a black background. This is why I use both versions.
In reality the tree is too sparse if anything.