Friday, July 27, 2012

Zelkowa stolen

Zelkowa, Zelkowa serrate, very fat, stole on July 25 from my garden. While everything is under video control there is a very small area where this tree stood exactly which is not covered. Please hold the thief and report. We probably know that person.


ray said...

I hope you get it back soon. I can never understand how someone can steal something like this. It's like taking flowers from a grave.

Nelson F. Lopes said...

Hi Walter,

if it´s like you say that it is one of the few corners that is not under surveillance it might not be only a person that “we” know but most likely one person that knows very well your place… or a thief that was “lucky”.
I hope for you that it is not the first option: meaning a person next to you! That would make it even worse and really sad… Hopefully you´ll recover it soon without any damages.

Anonymous said...

Thieves probably don't intend to show stolen trees and because of that it is most likely lost forever.

But if they do get tempted to show them, a system should be in place to recover the trees. Such a system should be comprised of several levels.

One, most obvious, would be a database of photo material. Every shown tree should be matched against such a database.

It is very likely, though, that the trees would undergo radical changes / modifications before being shown, making the photo comparison very hard to near impossible.

This could be overcome by RFID tagging. Each tree should be tagged with one or more tags set up with unique IDs. The tags should be embedded deep into the trunks, with holes prefereably drilled from the under side at repotting time. The holes can be minuscule in diameter (todays RFIDs are very small) so that the trees would have no problem calousing over, effectively enclosing the tag itself.

Of course the details depend on various factors: RFID tag size, reader cost, life cycle (duration), weather conditons (temperature, humidity), etc.

Such system, of course, is only effective if it is spread and accepted as widely as possible. You could be a pretty good initiator.

Unknown said...

Is it obvious that the tag could be read from within the tree? said...

I hope you get your bonsai back soon, its so senseless why people would have the nerve to go up to someones garden and steal a bonsai!
Those things a very expensive y'know.

Steve Moore said...

Best wishes on getting it back! I doubt that it will show up in the USA, but it might, and I'll keep an eye open.

I hate to say it, but I have to agree with an earlier observation: apparently the thief (or thieves) knew exactly where to go.

Don said...

Even with big changes; this tree is easy to spot; I cannot imagine the thief will show it. One hopes that someone decent spots it in his garden and he is brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

A simple, cheap, not very sophisticated system, but maybe enough to prevent theft:

Anonymous said...

Did you get the tree back yet? If you suspect a particular person, or persons, you might give a photo of the tree to a friend of yours, who knows this person, and can invite themselves into their yard, to look for it. However, I suspect the thief had a seller, BEFORE they stole it! I read that a man in the UK had his bonsai collection reported about in a newspaper article. So, the bonsai owner said he had several trees worth a LOT of money. Right after that, he had his trees stolen, and SO DID ALL THE OTHER BONSAI OWNERS in that area! I will tell you what I would do. I would get another video camera, and tell NOBODY. Put another bonsai in that same place. AND THEN TAG THE BONSAI, with a chip that can be traced. (they use them with dogs in the USA, in case they are lost. They can be located that way.) You might have to allow another bonsai to be stolen, BUT, if it is tagged with a chip, you WILL get it back, plus catch the thief. ("Die Rache ist eines Gericht am besten kalt aufgetragen." Aber weiss ich nicht die richtige Redewendung dafuer.)