Monday, July 30, 2012

Japanese maple stolen

This wonderful Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) got stolen this weekend from a friend's garden. Please report if you ever see it. I am for reinstitution of death sentence and private torture. In some cases.


Anonymous said...

This is becoming an epidemic.

Anonymous said...

Im beggining to wonder if it may be the same person who stole the Zelcova and White pine awhile back. To many trees have been stolen over the past couple weeks for it to be a coincidence. The person probably thinks they're invincible since they haven't been caught yet, and now they're going on a stealing spree.

Everyone needs to put their gardens on watch. Keep an eye out.

crataegus said...

could it be the same person that stole a tree from your garden? Maybe he/she did a carefully planned tour of bonsaigardens and then made his/her move. Maybe worth while to see who visited both your gardens lately, and is not a very close friend? Maybe untraceable but who knows. A shame that some people are so sickened of envy and jealousy