Friday, July 20, 2012

Mugo pine #11

Mugo pine, Pinus mugo, collected in Switzerland in 1994. First image as of 1995 when I acquired it from Serge Clemence. Second image as of last summer at the exihnit in Botanical Garden, Munich. Walter has worked one week on this tree recently: plucking old needles, editing very dense growth, cleaning deadwood, painting deadwood, wiring everything, placing branches. See the splendid result. The most ugly guy wires unfortunately are very necessary to hold the tree into an upright position. Next April we plan to repot the tree, getting rid of the guy wires and turning it one our counter clock wise in the pot. We'll report. This is Walter's master piece so far.


Thomas U said...

Hello Walter,

Beautiful tree, I have a question about Mugo's if you could help me. I read that they prefer to be repotted in the summer unlike most trees which prefer right before bud burst. Can you shed some light on this, I live in Brno CZ, so we probably have very similar climates.
Thank you,


Walter Pall said...

Thomas, very bad advice. They do this with a certain garden variety in USA. Here you would kill our mugos . In your place only end of April/
beginning of May or beginning of September.

Thomas urban said...

Thank you for your reply,
I am constantly reading your articles and watching your YouTube videos. I have already applied your "modern substrate, heavy fertililizing and aggressive watering" technique to all my repotted trees.