Tuesday, July 10, 2012

spruce #42 without wire

First image as of 2005, second after fists styling in summer 2008. Four years later the wire went off totally. Many folks find it hard to believe that i keep wire on a tree for four years. Well, on European spruce that's pretty much the norm. And then this is only after first wiring. Sooner or later it will be wired again. A spruce is really show worthy after the third wire goes off. This will be more than 15 years after fist styling. I often envy tropical bonsai growers. They can do in four years what here is only possible in 15 to 20 years. Next spring I might have the final pot ready and the tree will be repotted.


Anonymous said...

i can see it has a stump on the right hand side,base of the trunk.But covered with moss like this ,the tree seems to be right in the middle of the pot.It is amazing how dramatically you style the spurces!thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Pall:

Your spruces and this one as well are really inspirational. Your first comment refers to...."styling in summer of 2008".

I apologize for the following manner in which I must ask this question........I have read in numerous Bonsai publications that spruce must be worked on in the fall and winter, the optimal time to hard prune and perform initial styling.

Would this be your preferred time as well?

With several vigorous spruces [Oriental, Colorado, Black Hills and more] to care for I am asking if I need to wait till September or October or later.


Daniel Dolan
Midwest Bonsai Society

Walter Pall said...


I work on spruce from beginning of July until middle of September. I repot and collect them from middle of April to beginning of May and from end of August to middle of September. I work on about 200 spruce in my garden since 30 years with some success.