Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scots pine #18

Scots pine, Pin us sylvestris, collected in Norway in 2009. First image as of January 2010. This interesting tree was worked on by a few people as one can see. Recently Walter Sedlaczek did the first serious styling with wire. Next April the tree will go into a reasonable round bonsai pot.  the huge stump was challenging in the beginning. Now it looks very  nice and credibly old


Anonymous said...

why don't you guys wear safety glasses? I'm worried that you may lose your eyesight - and all of us would forever struggle in bonsai darkness too.

Seriously, this is a major risk, but completely avoidable.

As always, love your work!

Walter Pall said...


Because we are invulnerable mountain farmer's boys.
Well, seriously, we normally do wear them. I have recently purchased half a dozen, so that we always have a clear one available. I always preach what you are writing.

Bonsai Yamadori Lorraine said...

Hi Walter, beautiful tree!

I want your T Shirt!

An eternal follower of your art.