Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a playful afternoon with Lena

This is European spruce #55. It is a forest of Picea abies, all collected trees. The whole thing consists of about 50 trees now. I had to collect more than 300 to have the right selection for this Mother of all Spruce Forests.
Lena wanted to be part of this and so she was. This is a lovely game. One must have a huge pot - 210 cm, 7 feet, made by 'zopf', Dieter Schunta. Thank you Dieter!!!! It is made of plastic, but one cannot see it. It looks just like made of ceramics. I could just abut carry this alone without help.
And then one needs about 100 spruce which were prepared over a couple of years and are already roughly wired.
Then the game can start. I feel like back in early childhood when i put landscapes together all day.
The last image as of today is not the finished thing. Tomorrow we will edit a bit more and then call it finished for the time being.
Thank you Lena for your help.


avicenna said...

hallo walter
I saw this gigantic bowl standing in front of me ... simply huge and now still with these excellent Piceas... it works simply real ... as one would be on an alpine grassland near the timberline... simply splendidly this piece of art!!!

Don McCarthy said...

What a pot! What a project! What fun!

johnson said...

what a composition!!! you have started the renassance of bonsai. I cant believe you sacraficed the slabbed was a gem on its own.

Roger Kulp said...

Damn Walter! What does that whole thing weigh ? I'd hate to have to move it !

Walter Pall said...


four men can carry this. But it will not be moved for many years. Maybe in ten years, when it is really mature it will be moved to an exhibit.
I took European spruce because they are very hardy. They can stand the worst conditions in winter. In summer they have to be watered every day though.


Matt Lane said...

Hi walter, You call the pot "plastic"; can i ask you to be more specific?

Walter Pall said...

Well, 'plastic' is the word for what it is made of. What exactyl I don't know, but something like polyurethan. Dieter Schunta makes these pots with embedded strong steel bars. So the pot will not brake or bend when carried. He also makes the holes with grids already. This pot is very crafty.


Sebastijan Sandev said...

Oh God, this is...well...damn, can I call this big? Only BIG? Huge!
So, Walter, and you dare to tell me that my the recently collected mugo is big. Too big!!!
Come on sensei :)

Nils Arne said...

Great project!
Looking forward to see the progression in the years to come. If it fail you could go canoeing or learn to surf with that pot.

Anonymous said...

Just Wow ~! I can know your forest composition is just new .... but already it looks impressive .

johnson said...

Phillips # 55's taper makes me a good way

Stefan K. said...

Wow Walter, ganz stark, hab schon die ganze Zeit darauf gewartet bis du den Wald endlich pflanzt.

wird sicher richtig geil in ein paar Jahren.
"alle beide Daumen nach oben"

Kestutis said...

The main tree just makes you feel, like you're standing at the foot of a 100-meter fir tree, the taper and the curve is fantastic, and especially fitting in this forest composition. This forest, when finished, should be something every person should see, just like Mona liza. I already like it more than the Remotest hill.

Anonymous said...

Big for sure! How big can a potted tree be before it is not a bonsai anymore?

Have all the good, small yamadori in Europe been collected and now the term "bonsai" will apply to any tree even many meters tall as long as it is potted?