Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mauro Stemberger

See this visit to to Mauro Stemberger in Italy:



johnson said...

I love the Eucalyptus link. question for you. i tried your aggresive feeding routine this summer with a 20-20-20. Results again speak for themselves with at least 3 times the growth as past growing seasons. I made a potentially fatal mistake yesterday. I mistakenly used my fertilizer i use for acid lovong plants such as azalias and orcids, a 30-10-10 to feed my conifers and broad leaf bonsai. will this be ok walter?

Walter Pall said...


sure this is OK. I often do it the other way round, using regular feed for azaleas which is considered a big mistake. And with my watering scheme I get away with it.


Shaukat Islam said...


Thanks for posting Mauro's trees.... very beautiful trees.
It is amazing how well he has utilized the available space with such a wonderful collection!

Italy having Mediterranean climate, I think he can grow all his trees fully outdoors all year round?