Tuesday, September 15, 2009

demo in CZ with larch

Besides moderating the whole event, doing lots of tree critiques i also did a quick and dirty demo in Decin, CZ this past weekend.
This larch I got in a trade two years ago. I had a moderate price tag on it but nobody wanted it so far. I took this for the demo to show what one can do with trees which are basically rejects, dogs, left-overs.
This larch seemed lousy and turned out a decent bonsai with a good future I think. It took me one hour and twenty minutes.
The last image is a virtual with a new pot and a few smaller branches on the top which will easily grow next summer.

One can alos see the effect of aplying the BIOTREECLEANER. I showed this during the demo. The liquid is applied generously with a broad brush. No protection necessary.It is an acid, but not very agressive.


Ralph Trout said...

Can your biocleaner be purchased in the usa?

The three trees I purchased at Nature's Way are doing great.

Just purchased another one from the original buyer at Nature'sWay.

This demo shows the way for those of us that need to purchase less than perfect collected stock.

Walter Pall said...


at the moment I cannot sell the biotreecleaner in the USA. In April 2010 I will be at Nature's Way Nursery and probably have some bottles or the ingredients available. We'll see.
The problem in America is that if some fool drinks it I am broke. He could do this even on purpose and I still would be responsible if he finds the right judge. The world is full of fools. In Europe we rather use our common sense regarding this sort of thing.