Saturday, September 5, 2009

big rock pots

Dietmar Popp and Anne came all the way down from the very northeast of Germany at the Dutch border. They drove all night. Dietmar is the expert who makes these most interesting huge rock pots. See: Dietmar's blog

They took a couple nice collected spruce in trade and were very happy and so am I. Now I can play with these. Some might be available for trade and sale. They are heavy, but I can just about carry most of them somehow alone.


Sebastijan Sandev said...

Wow, the pots are fantastic. I know Dietmars work from his blog and the pots are really great. I would like to have a few of them very much.
Hopefuly, some day....!

Walter Pall said...


no problem, I can bring a big one for you. You know what I want in trade.


Sebastijan Sandev said...

Ok. We'll arange something.

Shaukat Islam said...

Very interesting potting rocks! The best part is these look so real.


Ana Veler said...

The pot Dietmar is handling couldn't be the one meant for the 'New Larch', now, could it?

[the reised rim appears to fit as a buttress to the trunk]

Walter Pall said...


Dietmar will make a special pot for the larch.