Thursday, September 10, 2009

new carpinus

This is a hornbeam which was collected in Italy. I think it is Carpinus orientalis, but the Italian use some other name for it. Anyway, it is a very fat and interesting piece of material. I'm considering doing this as demo at the Noelandes Tropyh in January 2010. All big names do conifers and it would be refreshing to do a deciduous tree as major demo.


Anonymous said...

In Italy there are three "carpinus" species.
-White Carpinus - Carpino Bianco, with plated bark
-Black Carpinus - Carpino Nero (ostriya carpinifolia)...but is not a real has a black or dark bark
-Carpinus orientalis - Carpinella (Little carpinus), with smoth ,non-plated, bark.

You can identify exactly the trees by seeds wings.
White Carpinus has trilobate wing
Black carpinus and Carpinus Orientalis have simple wing.

Mr. Pall, your trees are an inspiration....they look so natural and so real..

Francesco Bussi (Italy)

Andrea Trevisan said...

Grat italian yamadori :)

Francesco said...

Hi Walter,

if this has been collected in north Italy (prealps), it is probably a Carpinus Betulus (white carpinus).

This is very common here, easy to collect, even stumps with few roots survive and have a great vigour from the first year after collection.

In central Italy you find more often black carpinus (ostrya carpinifolia), but leafs are darker.


Marija said...

It is C. Orentalis or Ostrya. If it has darker bark then C. orientalis with cracks then it is Ostrya carpinifolia / Carpinus ostrya. Buds those two species are prety much different. Photos for identification Ostrya look at here -

regards from Croatia :)