Thursday, September 10, 2009

new spruce

This most promising European spruce, Picea abies, found it's way into my garden. It was collected in Italy two years ago. I planted it into a bonsai pot right away as it seemed ready and it is the perfect time for this. Now I will leave it alone for three years and more and then I will start taming the beast.


AJ said...


Why do you say that now is the perfect time for repotting? I thought that Spring is best.


Walter Pall said...

Well, I say so because it is so. You have learned something. This applies only to spruce!! While I have experience with hundreds of European spruce that I have collected or repotted in August/September I believe it appplies to all members of the Picea family.


avicenna said...

hallo walter,
reonce you have had an eye for an immense tree full of character... simply brilliantly... I am of expectation what you will create from this "beast" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that's good,i like the style.

Anonymous said...

this tree is ugly as hell

Walter Pall said...

It's normal for top bonsai material to look ugly in the very beginning. This blog is about learning such things.