Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the larch with the ax found a new home

I passed the larch with the ax on to the next generation. Mauro Stemberger wanted this tree since years. Now he got it. For me it always was just too big. I could not carry it alone and even had serious problems carrying it with an assistant. I could not photograph it well and I certainly could never dream of exhibiting it. Mauro will change it, for sure, he will make an Italian bonsai of it. He promised to provide images of the changes.
A chapter is closed, but a couple of new ones are opened. I see these pictures with some sadness, but It is not that I just gave the tree away.


Maros said...

I'm surprised you give up such tree. But as you explained, you have your own serious reasons. Anyway I loved your story about this tree from your web. :)

SKO said...

Love your work and this blog! Question, I am fairly new to bonsai and have a few trees, I am looking to get a mugo pine or an alberta spruce next. Which do you recommend?

AJ said...

Walter, can explain the name "...with the ax"? thanks

Don McCarthy said...

What a tree -- it barely fits in his car.

It must be a great loss; but it is going to a good place judging by the fotos you posted of his collection.

Walter Pall said...


go and read this:


larch #5

Walter Pall said...


take a mugo and don't hijack threads.


Dominik Laurysiewicz said...

Great potencial is in this tree. Im sure Mauro will take care of it very well.