Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Scots Pine #32

 Scots Pine #32 . work in progress: the decision was to put the tree into the final container today (this is an excellent time in my climate). The problem was that the tree is so high and elegant that it requires a very small round pot. This tree could never just stay on a shelve. The next wind would blow it over. I figured that a big stone should go into the container to stabilize it. But how to get a big stone into a flat round pit? Then I found this in my very large storage area: a piece of quite heavy petrified wood from Indonesia. It was carved to be a fancy sink and never meant to be used for bonsai. Now the pine will not get blown over by even a storm. The crown is still untidy and not finished. It is a good idea to transplant a Scots pine in the middle of August in my area. It is not a good idea to work on the crown at the same time. Just plucking lots of needles would help the view tremendously. But it would endanger the tree. So next year - such is bonsai.