Monday, May 27, 2013

Souvenir from Remscheid

This is an edo spruce, Picea jezoensis. It was probably collected before the war on the Kuril Islands which used to be part of Japan. It was made a very high, slim bonsai possibly even before the war.

Eventually this tree was exported to Germany many years ago. The owner managed to ruin the tree by loosing the very top. The tree was twice as high as it is now. Someone who did not think too much cut off the dead top instead of making it deadwood.

 Anyway now it is a ruin, an ugly ruin for most tastes. This was the only tree that interested me out of way over one thousand very good offers at Bonsaipark Remscheid in the north of Germany last weekend. Why would I pay quite a lot of money for such an ugly tree? Well, it appeals to me very much. While it is ugly it has a real lot of character. It has the character of a very very old tree from the island. And it is a great challenge to bring out that character to its very best. I will work on this tree very soon and report.

Very old genuine edo spuce colected on tth islands are invaluble. They cost a lot of money in Japan and most one is not allowed to export anyway.  Well, this one did cost considerably money as ruin, but I got it in trade and I am very happy to own such a rare tree.