Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Japanese beech

Japanese beech, Fagus creanta, abut 50 years old, 80 cm high, pot Japan. This tree was imported into Germany from Japan in around 2004. It was in my garden in 2007 and the first three images show the state at that time. Then I thought that the tree was too high, too slim and the nebari was not so good, and it was leaning way too much forward. Anyway it was worked over by Hirotoshi Saitho in spring of 2010. In spring of this year I suddenly liked the tree very much but saw some possible improvements. I hate to acquire a tree on which I cannot put my personal stamp very soon.

Yesterday this tree finally found it's way into my garden. The very first thing that I did was to uncover the nebari. There was this ugly big root right in front. That was the reason why it was planted way too much forward in the past. This covered this root, but created a different problem. Well, iItook the big die grinder and just carved this root away. Nobody has dared to do this so far because in Japan one is absolutely not allowed to have a big hole on a deciduous tree. And certainly not a hole right in front very visible. Well, here in my garden one is allowed and it can well add interest to tree. We will see how this develops. I like it much better afterwards.

In addition I could then straighten the tree again a little and place it a bit more upright. The crown was edited. Some wire taken off and new wire applied to lower branches. I like it better now. We will see the development and I will report.