Thursday, July 30, 2009

The spruce in the wooden pot

Roland Koepfer had shown his wooden pots in the German bonsai forum some time ago. They tore him to pieces. I seemed to have been the only one who saw some value in wooden pots. So he gave two to me. Here is one with a collected European spruce, Picea abies which is around 100 years old and 60 cm high.
See more of Roland here: Roland's site


Rozman Nik said...

Hi Walter,
Your link does not work well.

Walter Pall said...

Thanks Nik, now it does.


tim said...

Walter , I cant see anything wrong with the idea and that pot looks fine to me. i think its the "flat earth " people again


Anonymous said...

Wow, those pots look AWESOME! How do you keep them from rotting though?

Walter Pall said...

The wood is impregnated and it will last for a couple of decades. I think ti will gain in interest if it rots.