Thursday, July 30, 2009

spruce # 20

The deadwood was edited somewhat, the spirals in the trunk are now clear. Then he wood was treated with my new bleaching liquid. Now it has the real wood look and not the white bonsai wood appearance. One has to get used to it. It is like the girl without make up.


Anonymous said...

Walter, your 'offwhite' natural dead wood look is just it is perfect. I have always hated the fact that many bonsai artists have an uncontrollable drive to overstilize deadwood and treat it like it looks to just have left a bleeching factory. Finally someone who understands that a natural looking deadwood part must be in harmony with the tree and must add to the natural look of the hole thing. More of your wonder liquid please !!! Greetings from belgium, yves coppens

Tom Kruegl said...


What is your new bleaching agent. I have never liked the results from lime sulfur.

Tom Kruegl