Saturday, July 11, 2009

new mugo developed

This is a mugo pine, Pinus mugo which was collected in Austria in 1999 by Horst Heinzlreiter. I acquired this one in spring of 2008. It was taken out of the wooden box and planted into a large bonsai pot right away. Now, more than a year later old needles were plucked, some parts were cut off and the deadwood was refined and, wood hardener was applied. It looks very raw now but his is OK. In spring of 2010 i might plant it into a better bonsai pot or I will style it in summer. But certainly not both in one season.


Anonymous said...

Hello Walter,

Thanks for sharing.

What kind of wood hardener do you use? I have a wonderfull lilac which needs some wood protection urgently.

Thanks from northern Germany

Walter Pall said...

I use wood hardener that is provided to carpenters to protet old furniture. You can find it on the internet.


Anonymous said...

Can you provide a little more information about this walter?

Walter Pall said...

Sure, here are all the images:

The pictures speak for themselves.