Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mugo #5

This one is going to be one of the major trees in my collection. After a lot of dead bark was removed the rotting deadwood was treated with wood hardener twice. Then lime sulphur was applied. This I do to bleach the wood.I hate the white color of the lime part which looks like a lady has applied way too much paint in her face. But it will go away with time. The bleaching will remain though. I wonder whether there is a way to bleach wood withuot painting it white.
Then the old needles were all plucked. now the tree looks slightly untidy. Also the crown appears too dense. In late summer it will look much better. Then the tree shold go to 'bosnaiautumn' and 'Noelanders Trophy'. Perhaps. We'll see.


João Pires said...

Hello Walter,

I'm a major fan from Portugal.

Don't know if you heard of this process, but anyway, it goes like this: Ad some drops of china ink to the lime. Some folks use black watercolor. I've seen it done and it works. You get the bleach effect with less shine. Instead of pure white you can achieve a smooth light grey. Depending on the amount of ink, the grey will stay lighter or go darker.


João Pires

marius said...

hello walter!
Very nice tree, the crown and the deadwood is in nice Harmonie.
But don`t you think there`s a better pot for this masterpiece?

greetings marius

zopf said...

Hallo Walter
Im Holzbereich ist Oxalsäure ein Mittel um Holz aufzuhellen auszubleichen.
Vielleicht wäre es ein Versuch wert.
(Schreinerei, Möbelaufbereitung)
mfG Dieter

Paul Landis said...

Beautiful tree Walter!!!

Walter Pall said...


the pot is by Derek Aspinall and was chosen form hundreds of handmade pots. What's wrong with it?

thanks for the advice. i might try it soon.


Don McCarthy said...

I don't suppose a peroxide paste (like used by hairdressers) would work. I collect (as well as plants) also skulls and this is used to lighten but not make totally white the bone.

Marius said...

hello walter,

I think there are better pots for this beautifull mugo, but I believe that you exactly know whats god for this tree.

Often bonsai is a question
of flavour. When this pot suits your taste everything is allright, but its not after my fancy. But everyone knows:

There`s no accountting fot taste!

greetings from germany