Tuesday, July 14, 2009

spruce #54

This European spruce, Picea abies was collected by Peter Thali in 2001. I acquired it in 2004. It was most appealing to me because of the enormous taper of the little trunk. the tree suffered during the first years and only this year it started to look good again. But the wire started to bite in and the whole crown was too dense. So the wire was taken off and the crown edited considerably. now it is too thin, of course. It looks fine, but certainly not finished. Now I will have to wire it again. The wonderful pot by Peter Krebs was always too large. The last image is a virtual showing a better size of pot.

First two images as of summer 2004.


Bollesz said...

Hi Walter!

I Don't like the spruce of the last pictures. Has been cut back to a very.

Walter Pall said...


I clearly write that this is an intermeidate state. It will have to be wired again. I show on my blog the real bonsai life. Most of the time the trees do not lok good. Most of the time theiy are in development.