Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oriental hornbeam coming nicely

This is the famous oriental hornbeam, Carpinus orientalis from youtube. Tens of thousands have seen the videos. Many have remarked that they thought what I did was terrible. Most have thought so but have not bothered to write about it. Now one can see the result after only two years. But those who see youtube never see this. It is too bad that such demonstrations are wasted on the ignorant masses. One can say anything, they don't hear it. They just see an ugly result. That this ugly ducking will be a nice swan only two years later escapes them. The purpose of the demo was to show how this is done professionally. Well, they think it is terrible because the first result is terrible. They just don't get it. So far to the value of bonsai demonstrations.
The original wire is still on the tree. They are slow growers.


Mário Eusébio said...

Hi Walter!

I admire Your sicenrity and Your effort to open the eyes of some people, but as you said, some just don't want to ear it. A popular proverb says "that the worse fool, is not the one who doesn't know nothing, but the one who doesn't want to learn".

This will be a great tree in few years.

Congratulations for Your work and for this blog, wich is a must see, for everyone who love Bonsai.

Greetings from Oporto - Portugal
Mário Eusébio

Maros said...

Hi Walter,
one can feel from your post some kind of disappointment. But for sure you should not have to be disappointed at all.

Some people try to change whole world. But thats not right way I think, one can change himself and rarely few people around him. I am sure you changed thinking of dozens of people and you changed way how thay do bonsai. And that is fantastic success.

I like also this tree and I watched videos from Croatian demos several times. They are great source of valuable information and same so is your blog and web page.
Good luck

M. Dias said...

Hello, Walter.
I learn so mutch everytime I visit your blog. Your pictures and the story of each tree are very suggestive. Thank you.
M. Dias, Portugal.