Thursday, July 9, 2009

New tree bench

since last year I was looking for the right bench at my plum tree. It was supposed to look good with the bonsai, not too flashy, not too rustic, not too big, not too small. I found a few which would fit, but they were going around the tree and too expensive. Two weeks ago I spotted an offer at ebay where a man had purchased a nice bench which goes around a tree but he only wanted half. So he offered the other half. I was the sucker, or the lucky one who got it. Yesterday I spent half a morning to screw it together. It reminded me of my childhood when I played with wooden tools. Now it looks very nice. Everyone likes it. This is here to stay.


Nitsuj said...

WOW really nice

Paul Landis said...

Nice bench Walter. Does it receive the same watering and feeding regimen as the other trees???!!!

Zach said...

That is a really nice Bench. I hope it is really comfortable so you can take breaks when you need to!

Bonsai-Freunde-Marburg said...

Very nice, Walter.

Will test it by the end of August.

CU, Peter

Jerry said...

Ha ha!

I thought you meant a bench for trees... not a bench round a tree.

I also made a new tree bench - you'll see the confusion:

Jerry Norbury

M. Dias said...

Hello, Walter.
In my garden I've disposed for many times some wooden logs in order to serve as benchs when I want stay resting among my bonsai.
But infortunately each of these logs finished beeing a good base for a bonsai. So I have now a plastic chair.
M. Dias, from Portugal.