Wednesday, July 22, 2009

mugo pine #11

First image 1995. I have plucked all old needles and now the crown starts to look really nice. It is amazing how short the needles get if a tree gets plucked every year. I may have to change the front again slightly. Also the backside looks good.


Jason said...

This is by far one of my favorite pines of all time. Excellent tree!

Mary said...

I fell in love with a small mugo pine that I brought home in my suitcase from california. I am new to bonsai practice but after cutting back the roots from a 1 gallon size to a 1/2 gallon size it still seems to be happy. My question is, what do you mean by plucking the needles? How many and how often do you do this and are you referring to the great ones? They needles are quite long. I pruned a little already to get it to fit into the suitcase and to clean the form a bit but thats all for a while. I was glad to hear you say it was ok to water them a lot as mine seems to like that too.

Walter Pall said...


you can start to pluck the needles of last year and the ones of the year before if they are still on be middle of July, when the new growth has hardened. You can pluck from that time until March of the following year. We here just take the needles that we want to remove with two fingers and pull them out. Only do this when a tree looks really healthy . Otherwise do nothing.
Result: it will look better immediately, it will get more buds, some also in old wood, it will be much easier to put on wire, if done over years the needle length will be reduced considerably.