Monday, July 7, 2008

spruce number 41

Two years after first styling this spruce now is just about good enogh to be accepted into the gallery as spruce number 41. In summer of 2006 it already was in this pot for a few years before David styled it. This past week ena took off th wire. I cut it back severely yesterday and applied a few guy wires. Now it has to wait onther year at least before it goes into a decent bonsai pot which will probably be round.


emily shorette said...


I posted your blog as one of my favorites. The bonsai work is simply stunning. If you wish to make my blog one of your favorites and posting it as such, please feel free.


tim said...

Walter , in the last day or so , my spruce has suddenly sprouted small buds amongst the old needles , would you leave wiring until next season togive these new buds a chance

many thanks

Walter Pall said...


no problem, this is normal. It only shows that your spruce is happy. Go on and wire. The buds will not be destroyed, don't worry.