Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The saga of Scots pine nr. 5, #3

Then the tree was analyzed with all assistants. Lena, David and Alex each had their say. It was decided that there were two options for the top: one was better, but it would mean to seriously bend and endanger the top. The other one was easier but not quite as good. So to take the easier (safer) route would mean to cut off the other one and just do it. But we decided to go the difficult way and seriously bend the top. It might die though after this rather brutal treatment. So we left the other option as insurance branch. Should the drastically bent top eventually die we still have the insurance branch and can create another top.
David then got the task to do it all with Alex assisting him. First the branch was watered to be more flexible. Then a bicycle tube was applied tightly. This is as good as raffia, cheaper and the color looks fine. It is also easier to apply and take off again. Then very thick copper wire was applied. With a couple of branch benders then the top was seriously bent. It did not crack. We'll see how it takes it. In my opinion the chances for survival are higher than 80 %. Well, we still have the insurance branch. Just in case you feel sorry for the mistreated branch and the brutal operation don't forget that the other option meant to cut it off, kill it right away!!

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