Saturday, July 5, 2008

New spruce

This is a Colorado Blöue Spruce, Picea pungens. It is used as garden and park tree around the world and is called "Blue Fir Tree" in most languages. The foliage is actually quite blue. This one is probably around 500 years old or older. A European spruce (Norway spruce) was found in Sweden recently which is 9,500 years old. So spruces can become TWICE as old as Bristelcone PInes (Pinus arsitata). Who would have thought that ? Anyway, age is not so important. But character is and it often comes with age. The chaarcter of this deadwood is unique. I have not seen anything just like this before. I love this tree. It will be quite elegant. It was collected two years ago and appears to clearly have made it. I am happy.


Anonymous said...

Is this tree with you in Europe or part of a collection you maintain in the US?

Walter Pall said...


at the moment the tree is in America. I hope to get it into Europe somewhow soon.


Anonymous said...


Where do you find are the best places to collect in the United States?

Dre Cast said...

It simple go to any place and where ever its hard for a tree to live you will find good material. if you are looking a specific species of trees just track down where its abundant look for for places where its hard for it to survive and you have good material. it very simple but not easy.