Sunday, July 27, 2008

the saga of mugo pine nr. 19 #4

In summer of 2005 Peter Thali decided that the tree was heathy enough for really drastic styling. The problem was that the foliage was very far away from all the wonderful deadwood. and the living branch or trunk was way too straight. So it was brought back with force. What an operation! Then one year later, in summer of 2006 the tree is compact and looks like it did not mind the bending.


Anonymous said...


How long will you need to keep the wires and guy wire in place for the mugo to hold this drastic repositioning?


Walter Pall said...

Mike the wire was taken off in 2006, one year after the operation. The trunnk was broken (without dying!) and the new shape held without wire. This is not how it normaly works. Usually such wire has to stay on for two to three years.