Wednesday, July 16, 2008

new growth after defoliation

Four weeks after defoliation they come back nicely:

Field maple, Acer campestre
two European beech, Fagus sylvatica


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter, great blog and website, thank you. I apparently was under the false impression that Beech trees were not to be defoliated. I understand that any tree needs to be healthy and vigourus to handle the proces. could you please say a few words, including the best time for american beech. I have 2 American beech i collected. The leaf size has reduced in the last 5 years dramaticly but defoliating would speed the progress.

Thanks again,

shawn in virginia

Walter Pall said...

American beech are closely related to European and Japanese beech. All three can well be defoliated and it works well. In America they say that the
American beech should not be defoliated. This is MISINFORMATION. They can, but they must be very healthy, like every tree before defoliation. And then the timing must be right. Simple rule: the fist spring growth must be out for six weeks. This is in the middle of June in my part of the wold and will change whereveve you are. You can wait until seven or eight weeks, but then that's it. Don't defoliate too late.