Sunday, July 27, 2008

the saga of mugo pine nr. 19 #1

In spring of 2008 I played a bit with the branches. They looked very fit and i dared to force one through the spiral to stick out in front. Thus I hoped to get some foliage onto the side where all the deadwood is. In July it seemed that the branch was doing well and also the rest of the tree. Now was the time for major styling of the foliage. Half of the green was cut off again on the very left side. The aim again was to get the foliage over to the right side, where the deadwood sits. Then needles were plucked and all thick branches wired. The rough sketch was corrected slightly an then everything was fine wired. The last two images give an impression what the tree could look like in a pot. As so often two dimensional images just don't show the drama of this tree. I call it "tornado" because of the powerful and violent spiral. What a dramatic change from the image of spring 2002!