Saturday, July 26, 2008

hibiscus doing fine


Anonymous said...

Seeing this tree with its wonderfully large flowers - more like the flowering wood ideal 'western' gardeners strive for then any bonsai in my limited visual record... Seeing it encourages a question: has anyone ever trained Kiri into bonsai? My paulownias are fully, normally grown trees. They went above the house about five years. There is no denying the enormous leaves and flower spreys. I can only wonder whether that such vitality can be 'compressed' into a pot and with what result. So far, neither the Web nor local gardening folk had any reference.

I must end this with an apology: compared to the questions you answer generously, this is very idle talk: I am not practicing bonsai at the moment, so your time reading - let alone answering this, would be virtually wasted... unless I am not the only one wondering. If it wasn't for dangerously nagging curiosity, I would not have dared.


Ana Veler

Walter Pall said...

Ana, I am not aware of a Kiri bonsai. I assume it would work though. Just try it!