Friday, August 31, 2007

more indian summer

Just after breakfast instead of reading the newspaper quietly I go out and shoot all these pictures. The neighbours must think I am kind of mad. Well, am I not?


Aaron said...

Very nice pics.

I think anyone who seriously practices bonsai is completely sane.

Aaron said...

oh I was being sarcastic... we are all pretty much psycho.

Walter Pall said...

Here (in the south of Germany/Austria) if someone has to mention that he was joking it's considered to NOT be funny. Irony and sarcasm are only good if you are just a littel bit in doubt and if there is just a little bit of truth in it. There are folks in my culture who speak in irony and sarcasm all day long. I do that a bit. It's considered an art form here. Never ever would they say that they are joking. It speks for itself Or it does not. Ambiguity is the art in it.. Sometimes one can say the bitter truth and the other one is not sure whether it was a joke.
I know very well that in North America this cannot be done.Well, I do it anyway.

Aaron said...

But the problem is that it is not easy to express sarcasm in written text? I guess thats where the art comes in...

I clarified because I actually meant to write "I think anyone who seriously practices bonsai is NOT completely sane"!

Sarcasm is very popular in my part of North America however, although I do not think it is at the level of artistic expression quite yet ;). Also, it is not easy to make cultural generalizations about my part of North America (Toronto and surrounding area), because last time I heard it is the most multicultural city in the world!

So back to the point - we are all crazy!


Note to self: Be careful if ever Walter Pall compliments one of my bonsai - perhaps he will really have meant it is a horrible piece of crap! :)