Tuesday, August 7, 2007

in the cliffs again - part 4

The big juniper was soaked in the rain barrel overnight. Then we planted it into this decent growing pot. Now it will be sprayed every day and I hope for moist and cool weather. If it is still very green at the end of September it has a high chance to be around next year.


Marko said...

'Now it will be sprayed every day ...'

It depends certainly of weather but in general how long does it take spraying such a yamadori ?


Walter Pall said...


one shoud spray until new growth is definitely healthy. This will take at least three weeks. Now comes The 'outlandish' idea of collecting in August. If it takes three weeks minimum to be sort of save then there is a high chance that we will not have a day above 25 ° Celsius again within the next three weeks. If collected in May, like most do, then the chances to have a few days above 30 °Celsius is 100%. And these days kill the trees. If collected in September, like many do the time is too short to grow new roots and the trees will die over winter. We'll see who is right in the long run. It is the one who has the most sabina junipers alive. So far that's me.