Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hunting for sabina junipers - part 5

Today we were there again, David and I. Here some glimpses.
We were both happy afterwards. David got his share of the loot.


Aaron said...

Hi Walter,

So this question concerns the time of year for collecting these trees: obviously you are confident that this is a good enough time for collecting, although it is midsummer. I understand that the climate in mountainous areas can be markedly different then the climate just a thousand meters below... so can you collect these junipers all year round? Or is this sort of early fall in the alps?



Walter Pall said...


sure I have given this a lot of thought. Juniperus sabina is the only tree that can be collected right now. Now is the best survial rate. It is better than May, June and September. I would not recommend at all to collect any other months.
This is very strange, but now these junipers have a growing period in around 1000 to 1500 meters elevation. In my garden (700 meters) they had the growing period during July.
Anyway, I am not doing this for the first time.
Don't try with any other tree!


Márcio Meruje said...

Some news about this yamadori ?

Walter Pall said...


good news is that it is still alive. Such trees are stored in a half shady place and never moved. If it will be alive in late summer this year I might start to clean it. But normally such a tree rests for several years. Unfortuantely the death rate with sabina junipers is very high in general.


Walter Pall said...

The question came up whether this illegal.
Sure it is illegal if you do it without a permit. It is not a problem to get a permit from the farmers who own this hill jointly. The sabina junipers are toxic for the cows and so they hate them.