Tuesday, August 7, 2007

in the cliffs again - part 5

1) to 5) shohins are not found they are made.
Other little gems that will shine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

Amazing new material...

The first shohin have litle roots, or is impression by the photo ?

Some tricks in the recovery or just spraying , full shade and leave much green has possible ?

Thank´s for your feedback and keep the nice work.


Walter Pall said...


the first shohin has plenty of roots. It is barerooted and one can see all the roots. Then it seems that there are not enouhg. Before it had a big rootball and you would have thouhgt that it has plenty of root, not seeing them really. When the tree is soaked in the rain water barrel overnight the rootball falls apart and the fine roots appear. This is a very delicate method to remove ths soil without hurting the roots. Experience has shown that such bareooted junipers grow just as well or better than the ones with a 'big rootball', which is just a lot of dirt.
Leave as much green as possible is right. But then the tree will evaporate and dry out. So this is what the spreying is for. Shade is correct, but tehn the tree nees to assimilate wsith as much green as possible to gain new roots. It can only asimilate well in full sun. But it will dry out in full sun.It is a balancing act. Whatever you do is wrong. The best would be a professional greenhouse with 100 % humidity, heat cohntrol and lots of sunshine. But who is going to pay for this? Did you not know that bonsai folks are on teh verge of poverty all the time?