Monday, August 6, 2007

In the cliffs again - part 2

Then comes the drag to get it down to the car. You cannot overestimate the sweat this created. Don't you think that it is easy to walk down an extremely steep hill with a cradle. At one point Alex really has had it.
Some pictures that will be of value if the tree ever makes it to a master piece.


Marko said...

Hi, Mr. Walter

I wonder if your rucksack is 'home made' product or you bought it in the store. I was looking for that kind of rucksack on eBay but couldn'd find a good one to carry trees from mountains.
Thanks for any advice.


Walter Pall said...


this is a rather expensive cradle that is available for mountaineers, hunters and also for military purposes. It costs around 250 euro. I do not know the brand name.