Monday, August 6, 2007

In the cliffs again - part 1

Today was the next round to hunt for sabina junipers. If you think that this is dangerous I would not disagree.
Alex in the cliffs. We found an enormous specimen and we dug it out together. It took two hours.


Lance said...

Hi Walter,
How do you collect in summer time, as this is out of season? Is it because you know what species are right for collection at this time like the juniper or do you examing the roots on collection then go from there?
Take care, Lance

Walter Pall said...


I have said this cleary: DO NOT COLLECT TREES IN SUMEMR IF YOU ARE NTO SURE! Only sabina junipes can be collected in summer in may area. And spruces later on at the end of August. They do collect pines and spruce in summer in Scandinavia wit success. One has to know exactly what you do. If you collect other trees in summer they will be dead for sure.


Lance said...

Hi walter,
Sorry , I must have missed where you said only Sab junipers could be collected etc, I didn't mean to come across has challenging.
Its just I had heard from new research that english oaks thrieve better if collected in mid summer and I have collected birch in mid summer and they are thrieving. I was just asking for your exprience on the subject to learn. once again thanks again sorry if I sounded harsh. take care, Lance