Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mugo pine #46 part 2

The result of the first styling is quite promising. This will definitely go into my collection. Now we will leave this tree alone for two years, water and feed aggressively with full sun. Then it should have developed a much denser crown. The thick branches will then be bent and the tree left alone for a year. In summer of 2014 we might be able to bend the thick branches even more and to wire all small branches. Then the tree will be left alone until summer of 2016. Then some detailed finishing will take place. In spring of 2017 it will go into a bonsai pot, hopefully the final one. It will then not be repotted for at least twenty years !! In 2021 it might be ready for the first exhibit.


Dick van Dreven said...

Dear mister Pall,

Congratulations on this new fantastic pine!!
Ik think I love it even more than your 'new' Austrian black pine.
Thanks for allowing us to enjoy this!!
Dick van Deven

Marius said...

Beautiful new trees you're presenting recently!
By the way, Walter's deadwood skills improved well, congratulations!

But i have one question:

I viewed almost every Blog entry and every single picture on your website, but I cannot find a single yew!
Actually i can remember a yew from your old website with only one branch and a long dead trunk, but eversince I haven't seen a yew on your website.
Is there a reason for this?

Cheers Marius

Walter Pall said...


I have not a singel yew in my collection since quite a while. The reason is that really good material is quite hard to come by. I mean REALLY good material. There are millions of nursery grown yews. They are more or less worthless for me. I want a collected yew. I never pay too much for a tree and therefore I don't think a really good collecrted yew will find it's way into my garden soon. They are just too expensive. I am willing to trade though. We'll see.
Sonce a long time I have given up the notion that I must have every good species in my collection. I do not run an arboretum.

Marius said...

Thanks for the quick answer, this makes sence!
Propably the day will come when you present your special collected yew. I'm really looking forward to this but I can wait.
The other trees will be entertaining through this time, for shure!

Anonymous said...

walter, when you say "leave alone for two years" does this mean you won't prune or pinch this tree? robert

Walter Pall said...

Robert, that's exactly what I mean. The tree has to recover from this and he has to grow. Cutting and pinching weakens him.